What is The Bad Space?

The Bad Space project was born from a need to effectively identify instances that house bad actors and are poorly moderated, which puts marginalized communities at risk.

It is an extension of the #fediblock hashtag created by Artist Marcia X with additional support from Ginger to provide a catalog of instances that seek to cause harm and reduce the quality of experience in the fediverse.

Technical support provided by Ro.

How does it work?

The Bad Space is a collaboration of instances committed to actively moderating against racism, sexism, heterosexism, transphobia, ableism, casteism, or religion.

These instances have permitted The Bad Space to read their respective blocklists to create a composite directory of sites tagged for the behavior above that can be searched and, through a public API, can be integrated into external services.

Current Sources:

Custom CSV

How do I use it?

The Bad Space is meant to be a resource for anyone looking to improve the quality of their online experience by creating a tool that catalogs sources for harassment and abuse. There are several options for how it can be used.


To see if a site is listed in the database, use the search feature to search for that URL. If it is in the database, information for that instance will be returned and associated instances if applicable.

CSV Exports

For a list of the current locations being tracked, click on one of the links below to download a dynamically generated CSV file that can be consumed as a blocklist. More formats will be added over time.
For Mastodon


The Bad Space has a public api that can be used to search the database programatically and return results in the JSON format. The API can be accsess at
https://thebad.space/api/v1/search by posting a JSON object with the following format: {"url":"search.url"}
Data from API request will be returned in the follow format:
                      "name":"Instance Name",
                      "description":"instance description",